IoT : Raspberry-Pi/Arduino with Node-Red

After interfacing Arduino with Raspbeery-Pi with the help of Python and Firmata now I am ready to explore the possibility of all IoT stuffs. To know how to interface with Arduino+Raspberry-Pi+Python see my previous blog:  Let us RAP…


Node-red Installation steps:

In my raspberry-Pi3, I am using Raspbian OS, in which Node-red is pre-installed.

But as per Node-red guide it is recommended to install the latest version. For upgrade or fresh installation of Node-Red, refer below guide:

Node-Red Installation


A Quick Command snap:

sudo apt-get install nodejs
sudo apt-get install npm
sudo npm install -g --unsafe-perm node-red
sudo systemctl enable nodered.service

After successful installation try out with LED blink example.

Then few more stuffs need to install before getting on board.

  1.  Install  Node-Red DashBoard
  2. Install Arduino Node-Red
  3. Install Node-Red GPIO

Please make sure you have installed Wiring-Pi and Pi-Firmata in your raspberry Pi .

Watch this youtube video to see the example for controlling Arduino from Node-Red:

Arduino Node-Red Youtube

Below You Tube video shows the power of node-red !!


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