WiFi Audio/Video Raspberry Pi and Android

Play Wireless Audio using Raspberry Pi
This is quite easy by using VLC player.

Step:1 Download and install VLC player in your raspberry pi( I am using Raspbian OS)

First ensure you have the latest Raspbian by using following command

 sudo apt-get update 

Then install VLC
sudo apt-get vlc install
Run VLC player, go to view and select web in interface

In Linux it is not easy to get access
VLC in the latest versions uses a file called ‘.hosts’ to define which computers can access the VLC remote player. You need to open this file and edit it:
you will need to edit the hosts file:
the file is in /usr/share/vlc/lua/http/.hosts
To edit this file from the command line (making sure I have permission to save changes), I use

 cd /usr/share/vlc/lua/http/ 
sudo nano .hosts

 # Access-list for VLC HTTP interface 
# $Id$
# localhost
# link-local addresses
# private addresses

Then save the file.

Now this is the time to test the VLC player web interface is working or not.

Open the browser in Raspberry and type:

If you see the above screen you are ready from Pi side.

Install VLCdirectpro from Android market and connect to the same network.

Open VLC Direct in your device

Open menu

Go to “Settings”

Click “Automatic Connection Wizard”

Click “Start”. VLC Direct will start scanning the network, looking for VLC.

That’s it! VLC Direct is now configured and ready to use!

Click “Automatic Connection Wizard”


For better Audio Quality refer to the following links to install Pulse Audio MPD: